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Kuchipudi Dancer | Performer & Teacher

Treading her own path, Ashrita Keshav is making her mark in the field of Kuchipudi. Her passion for this dance form was ignited by her spiritual Guru Swami Chinmayananda and fuelled by her Gurus Shri Kishore Mosalikanti and Smt Padmavani Mosalikanti. Her short dancing career has been prolific, with over 50 solo performances in India, over 35 group performances with her Gurus and several solo international performances during her tour in 2017. She has gone on to don the role of a teacher with grace and is on a path of self-discovery with dance as her passion and service to children as her profession.



The only Kuchipudi artiste in the world to be featured in the NY Times video series, #SpeakingInDance, a weekly series exploring the world of dance.

"It is very heartening and satisfying to see a talented and dedicated dancer such as Ashrita carrying forth the legacies of her masters, not only within India but beyond its borders. The warmth and expressivity of her performances and the sheer joy with which her dancing is infused, brings flavours of the Indian classical dance through a pristine and very high quality depiction."

Shantala Shivalagappa

(World Renowned Kuchipudi Artiste)

"There are not too many practitioners of Kuchipudi and it is rare to have a professional dancer of Ashrita’s calibre not only perform but also teach young enthusiasts an ancient traditional art form of India. Her performance in Houston, Texas in August 2019 was wonderful. Ashrita’s grace and the nuances of Kuchipudi were noticeable in her dance. It was beautiful and absolutely lovely. She got a standing ovation after the performance and that speaks of her dance."

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