Ashrita Keshav discovered a latent passion for Kuchipudi under her Guru Shri Kishore Mosalikanti. Prophesied even in her infancy by her spiritual Guru Swami Chinmayananda, that she would become a renowned dancer, her performances evoke the innate divinity that is so much a part of her. She has over 50 solo performances in India and over 35 group performances with her guru. In a decade long solo career, she has also performed in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC during a tour of the US.


In the short span of her dancing career since her Rangapravesam in May 2009, she has had the privilege of performing in several distinguished cultural organizations in the world. As an integral part of all the major productions of her Guru, she has had the opportunity to hone her skills in several aspects of stagecraft. Now donning the hat of a teacher in addition to a solo career, she has grown both professionally and personally in the last decade.

She has won critical acclaim for her work and has also received several awards such as

  • Grade ‘B’ artiste from Doordarshan, Chennai

  • ‘She’ Award for Dance from Viswa & Devji and WE Magazine in 2018 

  • ‘Kalai Kalanjiyam’ Award from Kalaikoodam Academy of Performing Arts Trust, Madurai in 2018

"I admire a lot of people but choose to tread my own path, drawing inspiration from those around me and from various walks of life and careers like Odissi exponent Sujata Mohapatra, singer Kuldeep Pai, Chef Nigella Lawson and Tennis ace Rafael Nadal. I look up to my Gurus Shri Kishore and Padmavani Mosalikanti, in everything I do as an artist. His choreography and dedication to dance inspires me to try and reach for the moon!"

With a Masters’ degree in Counselling Psychology, Ashrita strives to achieve a balance between family, dance, and home. She believes that you do not need to modernize your art to stay relevant. Doing what you love to do and doing it well draws people to your performance. Her roles as a dancer, mother, and teacher have paved her way to success.


She says, “My evolution as an artist and a teacher, over the years, has worked towards making me a better performer, too. Hearing from even a few members of the audience that I impacted them in some way – this is the happiness that I derive from the art and that is what keeps me trudging along. Above all, being a mother and allowing myself to be more than just that, brings me untold joy.”

Ashrita currently writes for the Deccan Herald in Bengaluru. Her work includes conversations with Bharatanatyam artistes, Smt. Nandini Ramani and Daya Tomiko, Kuchipudi Gurus Shri Kishore and Smt. Padmavani Mosalikanti and internationally acclaimed Kuchipudi and Contemporary dancer, Shantala Shivalingappa


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